Parents Throw Amazing ‘Game of Thrones’-Themed First Birthday Party


We rarely see events that can be described as both “epic” and “cute.” But then we landed upon Emma’s first birthday

Her dad Eric Cheung (aka “weirddad”) posted photos of the party on Reddit. “Might have gone overboard,” he warned.


Details included “Stark’s Head” candy apples, “dragon eggs,” and a felt banner that read, “Happy Nameday Emma.” Sitting on her throne, she looks like a bonafide Khaleesi, complete in the tiniest, traditional Korean hanbok. Be right back, dying of cuteness.


The Iron Throne replica was crafted from a Pottery Barn kid’s foam chair by the Cheung family, according to Mashable. The throne was wrapped in linen and ornamented with swords made of foam board and construction paper. Even the cats, Hastings and Poirot, approve.

Eric and his wife, Lisa, told Mashable that the party was completely appropriate and rated PG, despite the show’s rather violent and, uh, “graphic” reputation. Don’t worry, baby Emma has not actually seen Game of Thrones, and Eric says that “her entertainment is mostly limited to wooden toys, children’s songs, and books for now.”

“I suspect she’ll find it amusing that she had her 15 minutes of Internet notoriety,” said Eric. “At the very least it’ll make for an interesting wedding slide presentation.”

Photos via Reddit and Mashable