Rain Tops Time 100

It’s that Time of the year again! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Time is holding its annual online poll to find the most influential person in the world! Sadly, Stephen Colbert is only tied for no. 30 right now, but Rain (Bi) is back on the top of the list! He’s really becoming more famous for being on the Time 100 rather than anything else, but hey – whatever it takes right?

Interestingly, he’s currently being followed by Jay Chou, another mega-star in Asia. Is it going to be China or Korea? We’ll find out on April 14th, when voting ends!

(Just in case you’re saddened by the people topping this list, at no. 5 is Cheng Yen, the “Chinese Mother Teresa,” and just missing the top 10 are the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant workers, who have been lauded for their work at Japan’s damaged nuclear power plant.