Ramenia 21 is the Future of Instant Ramen


by JAMES S. KIM | @james_s_kim

We’ve seen water purifiers that double as a coffeemaker, but is humanity ready for a “ramen water purifier”?

Perhaps the Ramenia 21, an automated instant ramen cooker, is too much power for South Koreans to handle, as they already eat the most servings of ramen per year. Worry no more about overcooked noodles, veggie add-ons and the absolute perfection of a square of American cheese. That perfection is captured in the Ramenia 21.

You don’t even have to take the ramen out of its packaging. Insert the entire thing into a slot, like the video cassettes of yore, and the Ramenia 21 will take care of the rest.

It even detects the brand of ramen and plays the jingle of the brand’s commercial. No one can truly ever get Nong Shim Shin Ramen~ out of their head.

Once the Ramenia 21 has removed the contents from the packaging, its “smart package care” system will dispose of the wrappers in the only way possible–by folding them into ddakjis, or paper disks.

From there, it’s only a few more button presses. Break your ramen noodle block into halves or quarters, then select your noodle firmness (anything other than slightly undercooked makes you a barbarian).

Next, it’s time to tap into the topping combination system to choose which fresh veggies to add on. There’s none of that freeze-dried nonsense. Green onions aplenty, always; carrots when you feel like it; an egg, because the yolk is the best; onions if you’re not going out; sausages if you just don’t care anymore—the Ramenia 21 has everything. Of course, we can’t forget that final square of American cheese. Absolute perfection.

The Ramenia 21 is just that. Instant ramen never looked as good as it does on its packaging, until now.

The system also comes with a laser beam to cut your chopsticks perfectly down the middle. No more unbalanced chopsticks! However, the cutting process takes three minutes. Future Ramenia 21 iterations should have faster cutting speeds.

Oh, but what happens if you’re busy doing with an important task, such as binge-watching on Netflix, during the cutting process? No worries, the Ramenia 21’s drone delivery system has you covered.

The Ramenia 21 can be to ramen what the Keurig was to coffee. In that light, perhaps it’s a good thing that Ramenia 21 doesn’t exist in real life.


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