Record Female & APA Representation in NBC’s Short Film Festival

With the October finale coming up soon, NBCUniversal has named ambassadors and finalists of its 12th Annual NBCUniversal Short Film Festival. Joining the final lineup are a record number of female and APA filmmakers.

These finalists’ shorts have been selected for the final round from a record 4,200 submissions, according to organizers. Some of the female and Asian American finalists include Cynthia Kao’s “Groundhog Day for a Black Man” and Mayumi Yoshida’s “Akashi.”

In addition to the finalists, NBC also announced America Ferrera, Mariska Hargitay, Chrissy Metz and Lena Waithe as their first-ever ambassadors for the festival.

Check out the trailers for the nine finalists of NBCUniversal’s 12th Annual Short Film Festival:

1. “Akashi” by Mayumi Yoshida

2. “Audible Static” by Sai Selvarajan

3. “Couples: Movie Night” by Ryan Sulak and Chris Sturgeon

4. “Cul-De-Sac” by Damon Russell and Shawn Christensen

5. “Emergency” by Carey Williams and K. D. Davila

6. “Groundhog Day for a Black Man” by Cynthia Kao

7. “Lost Dogs” by Cullan Bruce and Chris Lee

8. “Misery Love Company” by Gloria Calderon Kellett, Sara Amini and Emily Chang

9. “Pop Rox” by Nate Trinrud and Alyssa Lerner