Rich Brian, Warren Hue and Zion.T Drop Dreamy New 88rising Single

What would happen if you took the smooth vocals of hip-hop artists Warren Hue and Zion.T and blended them with rapper Rich Brian’s mellow tone? Well, you’d end up with a wildly energizing yet introspective sonic mix. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Luckily for us, 88rising heads, this collaboration is not some distant fantasy. The trio just released the music video for their hot new single, “World Stop Turning,” on YouTube and streaming platforms!

Tonally, the song captures the singers’ mixed feelings regarding their past romances. While these relationships were just brief flickers in time in the grand scheme of things, the trio still can’t help but to think about them. The hook of the song is a question to their exes: “Who’s gonna love you when the world stops turning?” The music video is visually on theme, starting with a zoom-in from planet Earth in outer space to the small suburb of the boys’ neighborhood. 

Watch (and swoon over) the trio as they star in the dreamy music video, available below. Stream “World Stop Turning” wherever you listen