Scared Sh-tless

Anticipation and fear can transcend any language or culture, as we can tell with this video of a young woman’s reaction to one of Taiwan’s steepest roller coasters.

The Driving Machine G5, located at Janfusun Fancyworld, was built in 2000 and boasts a drop of 179 feet. The young woman in the video chats a bit to the camera as the roller coaster cart starts to ascend and when it reaches the top and pauses, she’s already shaking with fear for the drop.

During the steep 89-degree descent, the young woman goes through a myriad of facial expressions and screams. We asked our resident Mandarin speaker at KoreAm what she was saying:

“I am so scared I’m going to poop my pants” shrieked the young woman. “I’m glad I’ve lived a good life [because now I’m going to die]” or something to that effect.

In the end, although on the brink of tears, she manages a chuckle or two as she survives the famous Taiwanese roller coaster.