Sean Wang’s ‘DìDi (弟弟)’ Drops Trailer Just In Time For Summer Shenanigans

The coming-of-age film’s first trailer promises heart-wrenching and warming moments.
The coming-of-age film’s first trailer promises both heart-wrenching and heartwarming moments. (Photo courtesy of Focus Features.)

Academy Award-nominated director Sean Wang‘s feature debut just dropped its first trailer. Focus Features’ “DìDi (弟弟),” which won an audience award at Sundance Film Festival, follows 13-year-old Taiwanese American Chris (Izaac Wang) through his last month of summer before high school. Taking place in Fremont, California, aspiring skateboard filmmaker Chris spends his time goofing off, making YouTube videos and, of course, shredding it on his own board around town. Alongside nostalgic 2008 cultural touchstones such as MySpace pages and chunky camcorders, he learns about himself and, maybe more importantly, how to appreciate his mother. 

“DìDi (弟弟)” stars newcomer Wang, Shirley Chen, Chang Li Hua and longstanding Chinese American actress and director Joan Chen. As a whole, critics are agreeing that “DìDi (弟弟)”’s coming-of-age narrative will hit home for many, with The Playlist calling it, “a movie that will fill your heart with joy.” 

“DìDi (弟弟)” is only in theaters July 26, so get ready to book your tickets! And don’t forget to check out the trailer below.