Search Called Off For Missing Korean Canadian Woman

Vancouver police halted their search for a distraught Korean Canadian woman, according to news reports.

Yoo Chung Choi has been missing since last Friday following a late-night call to her relatives. The phone call left her family worried and when police found her empty car near the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, a search was launched, according to North Shore News.

“She was very emotionally distressed,” said Const. Lindsey Houghton, a spokesman for the Vancouver Police Department. “Without getting into any of the content of the phone call, it’s led us to believe that she might be actively looking to harm herself.”

Members of North Shore Rescue, the North Vancouver RCMP and park rangers spent much of the weekend scouring the area for Yoo, searching Lynn Creek and the forest around it by foot, by kayak and by helicopter. The Canadian Coast Guard searched the mouth of the creek in case she had fallen in and been swept as far as the ocean.

Authorities ended the search on Monday but Vancouver’s missing persons department is still investigating the case, according to North Shore News. The newspaper said Choi has not made contact with her family or used any of her credit cards since last Friday.

Police also found a body in the area on Monday but it was that of a male who died of natural causes.