Seoul Fashion Week’s Metallic Fall Trend

This is for all those who love everything that sparkles and shines when the light hits just right.  Several SFW designers showcased work with glistening textures and metallic silvers and grays to make fall’s stormy palette pop, each with their own distinctive taste set to appeal to their target audience.

GREEDILOUS, Yohanix and 1SUPERCOMMA B took on the urban wear side and gave us punchy quotes and hashtags along with some serious in-your-face glare.  For the more modern and contemporary, How And What and NOHKE continued with favored boxy fits, but dressed up to glow.  We also shared a couple inspirations for an evening out with Tiger  In The Rain and LE QUEEN Couture.

Keep scrolling to check out the looks below and stay tuned as we continue to cover more Seoul Fashion Week excitement!



1. Urban Styles

GREEDILOUS, Image Courtesy Of
1SUPERCOMMA B, Image Courtesy Of
1SUPERCOMMA B, Image Courtesy Of



2. Contemporary Cuts

NOHKE, Image Courtesy Of
How And What, Image Courtesy Of



3. For An Evening Out

Tiger In The Rain, Image Courtesy Of
LE QUEEN Couture, Image Courtesy Of

Feature Images Courtesy Of Seoul Fashion Week.