Simu Liu Kicks Off ‘Saturday Night Live’ With a Statement: ‘I’m Shang-Chi, B*tch!’

As part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Simu Liu knows a thing or two about super soldiers. So it’s no surprise that one of his skits on the recent “Saturday Night Live” episode featured one … named Dog Head Man.

You’ll have to watch the “New Military Weapon” skit to find out just what we mean by that. Liu hosted an episode of the 47-season show this past Saturday, during an evening that included musical performances from rapper Saweetie and several Thanksgiving-centered segments to kick off the holiday week.

Liu started the episode with a memorable opening monologue, in which he recalled paying the bills by dressing up as superheroes for kids’ birthday parties. He said that on one occasion he received repeated comments from a kid who refused to believe he was Spiderman. Liu’s response now? “I’m not Spiderman. I’m Shang-Chi, b*tch!”

Saweetie later hit the “SNL” stage in dazzling outfits to perform renditions of her hit singles like “Tap In” and “Icy Chain.” The episode also featured skits that poked fun at karaoke singers, Republican vs. Democrat divides and Target holiday commercials. Liu and “SNL” writer and cast member Bowen Yang also went head-to-head in a bit that questioned what it means to be the “first Asian” to do, well, anything.

So, if you thought Liu left his comedy chops behind after “Kim’s Convenience,” think again. Dog Head Man can prove otherwise.