'Skateboard Bandit' Pleads Guilty To Bank Robberies

A Sacramento man known as “the skateboard bandit” pleaded guilty to robbing five banks in California and Oregon in 2009, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Jared Sung Yoon Herdt, 30, entered his plea in federal court in Sacramento last Monday and faces a maximum sentence of 100 years as well as fines totaling $1.25 million.

Investigators dubbed him “the skateboard bandit” because he would often flee the scene of the crime on a skateboard. In each robbery, Herdt claimed he had a gun while demanding money from a teller.

Police caught up with him after they discovered a stolen car which contained a loaded gun, $4,900 in cash, a skateboard and a receipt for dental work in Oregon. Using surveillance photos, the dentist positively identified Herdt, according to news reports.