South Koreans Drink Beer Topped with Whipped Cream

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

It’s no secret that South Koreans like to drink, but did you know that some like to drink beer topped with whipped cream?

According to Rocket News 24, saengkeulim maekju or “cream beer” has become very popular with the young folks in South Korea. This concoction was apparently invented a few years ago by a group of young Hongdae hipsters. The drink is very easy to make as all you need is a glass of beer and a can of whipped cream. Described as “sweetly delicious” by Korean drinkers, the whipped cream supposedly takes away the bitterness of the beer, making the beverage taste similar to cream soda. In a nutshell, it’s the Korean version of a butterbeer.

At first, this writher thought that cream beer was some kind of prank or urban legend, but one glance at Instagram and Twitter proved otherwise. Here are some photos of cream beer floating around social media:

cream-beer-12Photo credit: Rocket News 24

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Some Korean pubs prefer to use ice cream instead of whipped cream, making the drink similar to a root beer float. Sometimes ice cream toppings like sprinkles, candies and cookies are included.

일반생크림은_아닌듯.Photo credit: jiyoonc

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In 2012, Kirin Ichiban came out with a frozen draft that’s similar to a slushy. Instead of whipped cream, the drink uses frozen beer foam that’s dispensed from a soft serve ice cream machine.  It’s most likely that the inception of cream beer came from the Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft.


Featured photo courtesy of Naive Life via Daum