Talented Snapchat User Takes Snapchat Art To Another Level


When I think of Snapchat, I think of my friends and I sending each other unattractive selfies, pictures of cute babies, envy-worthy vacations shots and, of course, food. Basically, I would define it as a recording of a brief (and likely insignificant) moment in your life that you decide you want to share with your friends for fun. After all, users only view a snap for a few seconds before it’s gone and probably forgotten forever. With the app’s limitation of tools, colors and other creative options, I never would have imagined Snapchat to be a medium for art.

But Christian Casiple, who goes by the name “c2casiple” on Snapchat, does just that. He has created detailed images of celebrities, cartoon characters and even unbelievable self-portraits. It made me wonder what type of person is creative enough to create art through a medium that seems to be so limited. I simply had to find out and I discovered that Casiple is actually not artist in real life. He simply has a passion for it.



Audrey Magazine: How did you get started with creating Snapchat art?
Christian Casiple: Well, I started posting a few of my drawings on Instagram and it caught the attention of a few more Snapchatters. CyreneQ then asked me to be featured on her website, the11thsecond.com, which is where more snappers go to find new up and coming artists. It really showed me the power of hashtags.


AM: Are you an artist? If not, what do you do?
CC: No, not really. I really do art as a hobby. I just got out of the Navy last month and I’m headed to flight school this fall to be a pilot.

AM: What was your very first Snapchat artwork?
CC: My first Snapchat art was a picture of SpongeBob that I drew to impress my niece. But the one that really started getting me noticed was a portrait I did of Malcolm X.


AM: How do you decide what to create next?
CC: I really don’t have a way to pick things. There’s a lot of 90’s cartoons or comic book characters that I draw. But I also go outside my genre and try to draw paintings, like The Girl with the Pearl Earring or a Frida Kahlo piece. Just whatever interests and challenges me.



AM: Have you gained a lot of Snapchat followers because of your art?
CC: After I was featured on the11thsecond.com, I really started getting a bunch. It’s a little overwhelming, because I add everyone back and after you get into the hundreds or more, it can really slow your app down. But I want to communicate with everyone so it’s worth it.

AM: Do you ever get requests from friends or fans?
CC: I’m actually so backed up on requests! It’s hard to keep up, because I want to put all my time and effort into them, but they can take forever to finish.

AM: How long does it usually take you to complete one picture?
CC: A simpler one can take maybe 30 minutes. But one time, I spent over six hours on one piece that I didn’t finish, because the app crashed. I still get choked up about it sometimes.

AM: Do you draw or do other types of art?
CC: I really don’t. I mean, I like to play guitar, but I only do it in private. I’m just fortunate that people have responded positively the one time I’ve put myself out there artistically.

AM: What’s the most difficult picture you’ve done so far?
CC: I think that the one I did of Yoda was really difficult It was the first time I put a lot of layers of of little details on one subject and it took me forever. I learned how to draw more efficiently after that.

AM: If you can describe your art, or if there is a theme, what would it be?
CC: I have a pretty broad spectrum of art subjects. I’ve done iconic movie stills, my favorite music artists, video games, T.V. characters, etc. I’d say my theme is “Everything I Like Translated Onto Snapchat.” Can that be a theme?





All photos courtesy of Christian Casiple.