The ‘House of Ho’ Cast Share What’s New For Season 2

To be a Ho, you’ve got to be a ho. ‘nuff said. 

The HBO Max reality series “House of Ho” focuses on the Hos, a multimillionaire Vietnamese family living in Houston, trying to balance their luxurious lifestyles, successes, their growing family and other issues they may face along the way. Season one ended with Judy inviting her parents to meet her boyfriend, Washington being stunned by shocking news from his father and Dr. Nate dropping a bombshell on the Ho family. So, needless to say, even more drama, excitement, and entertainment is in store for the second season, which dropped on Aug. 25.

During our recent interview, series stars Kim, Bella, Judy, Washington, and Lesley Ho shared two words that can best describe season two, their favorite moments from the upcoming season, scenes that did not make the cut, best family advice and what the ‘American dream’ means to them. “Our parents came here and were able to build something from literally nothing,” Bella said. “Now, it’s about finding who [we] are and [our] role.”

Catch the full interview above and watch the latest season of “House of Ho,” now streaming on HBO Max!