The Spin: Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Our December Playlist

As the weather finally cools down and Southern California has its first rain of the season, it’s time to relax with a mug of hot chocolate and a chill winter playlist. Get into the holiday spirit with this mix of Christmas songs and wintry K-pop tracks. After all, it’s totally appropriate to play Christmas music the moment Thanksgiving is over, right?

1.“Favorite Time of Year” – Jason Chen

Relive all of your favorite childhood Christmas memories with Jason Chen’s smooth vocals. From wrapping gifts to putting out milk and cookies for Santa, this song reminds us that Christmas is a time for tradition and cheer.

2. “Crystal Snow” – BTS

One of BTS’ Japanese-language songs, “Crystal Snow” sweeps you away to a budding winter romance. Jungkook’s sweet vocals will leave listeners swooning.

3. “Lonely Christmas” – Eason Chan

The holidays are usually a time to spend with family, but for some, they can be a reminder of loved ones left behind. While musically upbeat, the lyrics of “Lonely Christmas” tell a much sadder story.

4. “This Christmas” – Taeyeon

This dreamy track from Girls Generation’s Taeyeon tells the story of a couple falling in love on Christmas, and is the ultimate mood for cuffing season.

5. “Crying for Xmas” – Eric Chou and Rosie Yang

Taiwanese singer Eric Chou is famous for his love ballads, and he brings his signature brooding voice to this original holiday song about two people imagining a relationship together.

6. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” – Tori Kelly and AJ Rafael

This cover of Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic is perfect for a cozy evening by the fireplace. Tori Kelly and AJ Rafael’s smooth vocals bring an equally festive but mellow tone to the song.

7. “Christmas Day” – EXO

This single from EXO’s 2013 Christmas EP is peppy and bright, comparing the excitement of a new romance to Christmas morning.

8. “The Best Thing I Ever Did” – Twice

This upbeat track is a happy reminder of good times throughout the year and hope for more to come in the new year. Anyone else looking forward to 2020?