These 6 Asian Dishes Are The Perfect Cure To A Nasty Hangover

Nothing is more welcomed after a night of heavy drinking than a fool-proof hangover cure. While it’s Aspirin and Sprite for some or a cold beer down the gullet for others, next time you go one drink too far, try taking a more savory route. Here are six  comforting Asian eats that’ll ease that throbbing headache.

1.  Kimchi Fried Rice at Republique

Republique’s Kimchi fried rice can disarm even the strongest hangover with its tangy, punchy flavors. Beef short rib and pickled radish folded through a mildly-spiced rice make for a treasure hunt you can tuck into. Don’t forget to grab a delicious (and decadent) pastry for when the hangover wears off.

2. Pork Belly Adobo Rice Bowl at Spoon & Pork

This Filipino version of a rice bowl checks all the boxes for a hangover cure. Rich umami flavors from slow-cooked tender pork belly will sop away any remnants of the night before. A fried egg tops the bowl, adding a soft finishing touch to your meal.

3. Laksa at Cassia

Seafood enthusiasts flock to this Santa Monica staple for their laksa, a noodle soup brimming with mussels and fish-cake cooked in shrimp paste to amplify the flavors of the sea. This coconut-seafood soup is just what you want on recovery day.

4. Malai Kofta Curry at Bombay Palace

Malai kofta literally translates as “cream dumplings,” and at Bombay Palace they’re simmering in a tangy tomato curry. Pro-tip: Sop up the crumbly koftas with buttery, flaky naan.

5. Banh Mi Hue Oi at Pho Hue Oi

A classic Vietnamese staple, Pho Hue Oi’s Banh Mi is a great way to drive away a killer hangover. A fresh baguette is filled with cold slices of pork, pickled carrots, daikon radish, cucumber and fragrant cilantro for a refreshing and satisfying carb binge. It’s hearty, tasty and satisfies all your hungover cravings.

6. Spicy Gochujang Short Ribs at Spoon by H

There are few things better than fall-off-the-bone short ribs doused in Korean gochujang. Combat your hangover a la Anthony Bourdain with this spicy dish, then go home and take a well-deserved nap. You’re going to need it.