These Half Korean Child Models Show How Beautiful Diversity Can Be

by ALYSSA PARK, Audrey Magazine

In South Korea, there is a term known as ulzzang, which literally means “best face.” Ulzzangs are very popular on Korean social media for the attractive facial features, and many have gone into modeling, acting and singing.

There are also plenty of popular (and adorable) Korean children ulzzangs in the entertainment industry. But the child models we’re focusing on today are not only cute, they’re also not fully Korean.

Things can get pretty confusing for a mixed-race child. What bubble do you fill out for the ethnicity question on a grade school test? Wasn’t learning multiplication confusing enough?

Many of us tend to forget that multi-ethnic Asians have very little representation in mainstream media. Japanese American actor Ryan Potter, who voiced Hiro Hamada in Disney’s Big Hero 6, points out that he had a hard time ever finding characters on TV who resembled him growing up. This is probably why his role as Disney’s first biracial character meant so much to him.

“I remember someone told me, ‘How does it feel to be one of the first multi-cultural, multi-ethnic Disney characters ever?’ I was like, ‘Well there’s Mulan– oh wait, no. Pocahontas– wait no.’ Tadashi and Hiro are really the first multi-cultural Disney characters ever,” Potter told Audrey Magazine last February.

And it seems this embrace of diversity is spreading! More and more adorable half Korean babies are entering the modeling scene, and we’re definitely excited for this bit of representation for the multi-ethnic community.

Check out these six adorable children who has South Korea falling in love with them.


Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle (Korean American)

korean-babies-daniel-2(Photo via

Born in 2006, Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle has been breaking the hearts of little girls everywhere. Show off his adorable smile and charm on the Korean hit show Star King, Daniel is now beloved by all of Korea.


Cristina Fernandez Lee (Korean Spanish)

korean-babies-cristina(Photo via Pinterest)

Cristina is another adorable little girl that Korea just can’t get enough of. Born in 2005, she is of Korean and Spanish heritage. With her cute raindrop-shaped eyes and squeezable cheeks, it is no wonder the camera loves her.


Aleyna Yilmaz (Korean Turkish)

korean-babies-aleyna(Photo via

Born in 2006, Aleyna rose to fame the same way that Cristina did– through a Korean TV show called Real Kids Story Rainbow. Aleyna is Korean Turkish and her big eyes and pout has made her Korea’s baby sweetheart.


Gabriel Schroeder (Korean American)

korean-babies-gabriel-fina(Photo via

Gabriel Schroeder was born in 2005 and rose to fame for his adorable looks. However, now that he his getting older, he is progressing from baby modeling to acting. Don’t worry though, he still has his signature Gabriel toothy grin.


Lauren Lunde (Korean Canadian)

korean-babies-lauren(Photo via

Born in 2008, Lauren is one of the youngest of the bunch. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t just as successful as everyone else. Lauren is Korean Canadian and with her quirky charm, she’s an absolute natural in front of the camera.


Leo Recipon William (Korean French)

korean-babies-leo(Photo via

Leo Recipon William is also one of the youngest in the bunch, being born in 2008. Just look at that face! Doesn’t that confused puppy face just melt your heart? Leo is a mix of Korean and French and there is no doubt that soon he will be a heartthrob as well.

This article was originally published on Audrey Magazine.

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