This Sailor Moon Themed Wedding Will Have You Saying, “Moon Prism Power!”


My friends and I share a serious bond through our extreme love for Sailor Moon (and yes, we were excited about Sailor Moon Crystal), but when you share your obsession with your life partner AND on your wedding day, now that’s true love. Sailor Moon fans will definitely find themselves ogling at Michelle Nguyen’s Sailor Moon themed wedding. A friend passed this blog post onto me, and it’s only appropriate that I share it with our readers — or should I say fellow “Sailor Scouts.”

Michelle Nguyen, a contributing writer for Defective Geeks, pulled out all the stops for her wedding down to every little detail (even the bridesmaids nail art)!




If you want to see more pictures from the wedding and get a behind-the-scenes of how she created everything, head over to Defective Geeks blog post!

All photos courtesy of Defective Geeks.