Thursday Style with Audrey | Dashing Diva’s Designfx

With stick on polish being a popular trend, I was excited to be given the opportunity to review Dashing Diva’s Designfx nail appliques.

Designfx is a new nail applique line that is comprised of 36 unique designs. These designs include bedazzled 3D bling and chic prints for your fingers and toes. The appliques don’t require heat lamps for application or acetone for removal making them easy to put on.

All the designs are different and unique fitting to anyone’s taste. I loved that some designs were different for each finger making your fingers really standout.

When it came to applying the appliques, they were a little difficult. First you have to push back your cuticles and clean your nails, making sure the appliques will stick. Next you have to find which applique fits your finger and after it’s on you have to trim and file to shape your nail.


After I finished one hand, I then realized that I was putting them on backwards. One side is curved while the other side is flat. I was applying the flat side on the bottom of my nail, thinking that was how it went because the instructions never specified which way it was supposed to go. After knowing that bit of information, applying them on my other hand was not as challenging or time consuming.


The appliques lasted for a couple of days like the product packaging said. After the appliques were removed, they left your nails a little dry.



Applying the appliques had its challenges, which is why this is a salon-only service, not a DIY product. I had fun putting these on myself, but next time I will leave it to the professionals.

If you visit Dashing Diva at, you will find a locator of where you can buy their products. Unfortunately they do not have a locator of local salons that apply the appliques but there is a Dashing Diva salon in Pasadena. To find out if the service is offered, they do say to contact your local manicurist. Overall, I think this is one of the better nail applique brands that are available because it lasts and looks stylish.