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Doctor sentenced to 20 years for killing pregnant wife 

Yonhap News

SEOUL, Sept. 15 (Yonhap) — A local court sentenced a doctor to 20 years in prison for killing his pregnant wife during a quarrel and trying to cover up the murder.

The court found the 31-year-old man surnamed Baek guilty of strangling his nine-months-pregnant wife in January after the two had a fight over the husband’s heavy computer gaming habit.

“Baek is to be blamed for strangling his wife who was expected to give birth to his child only one month later as well as for causing the death of the baby,” said Judge Han Byung-yui of the Seoul Western District Court in a verdict.

The heavy sentence also reflected Baek’s attempts to cover up his crime and falsely claim his innocence in his wife’s death, the verdict stated.

North Korean Tourism: On Board the First Cruise Ship to Sail the Closed Shores

Aboard the Man Gyong Bong, fresh coffee was served, along with dried fish and local beer. Karaoke parties pepped the night life.

That said, turn on a faucet and there was usually no water — and cabins were more like dormitories. Welcome to North Korea’s first cruise ship.

If all goes according to the plans of North Korean authorities, the 21-hour cruise on the converted freighter from the down-at-the-heels port city of Rajin to the northeastern part of North Korea, which is known for its scenic Mount Kumgang, will boost tourism and provide this isolated country with an immediate injection of much needed foreign currency.

Planet B-Boy on Hulu
channel APA

If you missed the film “Planet B-Boy” directed by Benson Lee a few years back. You have a chance to watch it FREE on Hulu. The film focuses on five crews representing France, Japan, South Korea, and the United States in their quest to win the Battle of the Year. Here’s a synopsis of the documentary:

Hines Ward’s Philosophy Rings True

“It’s one game. It’s not the Super Bowl.”

Those are the words uttered by Hines Ward when reflecting back on his team’s thumping at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens, a rivalry and divisional match-up that made a great statement on week one in the NFL. In fact, the shellacking was only outdone by the Chiefs-Bills match-up that was slightly more lopsided in score. Both the Steelers and the Chiefs were playoff teams last season. And yet both suffered absolutely humiliating losses one week into the birth of a new season.

Ravens Safety Bernard Pollard has final word in spat with Hines Ward
Baltimore Sun

Hines Ward, the Steelers receiver who has a history of late hits against the Ravens, got his comeuppance on Sunday in Baltimore. Not once, but twice.

Early in the game, he tangled with Ravens safety Bernard Pollard and was rendered helpless. Later, he was hammered by linebacker Jarret Johnson after one of Ben Roethlisberger’s interceptions.

Pollard, new to the Ravens, had heard about Ward’s questionable tactics. When Ward tried to take him down by the facemask on one play, Pollard latched onto Ward’s helmet and drove him backward several yards.