Top Korean Fashion Trends You Need in Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is already here and for many of us in California, that means a lot of floral crop tops and high waisted shorts. While that look is definitely Coachella appropriate, wearing it for an everyday basis can come across as overdone.

Instead, we suggest you turn your eyes to Korean fashion which is unique because it has a very simple, yet clean aesthetic. By incorporating a more neutral, tailored look into your wardrobe, you can create fresh, new looks to try for this summer.




1. High Neck Lines

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Look in any Korean magazine, and you will see that high necklines are the latest trend. Instead of your usual plunging tank tops and v-neck dresses, try opting for a high neck line blouse. Sometimes, less is more and having just a bit of collar bone showing can look more delicate and refined.




2. Loose Over-sized Shirts

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Koreans are all about the simple aesthetic. They like their outfits to reflect both sophistication and casual comfort. Pairing a loose fitting cotton shirt with a pair of denim shorts gives off an effortlessly chic style. By tucking over-sized shirts and blouses into fitted shorts, skirts or pants, you will tend to look more petite.




3. Matching Sets

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Matching sets can be tricky because if worn wrong, it can look like a bad 90s outfit. However, if it’s done right, it can be a major fashion yes. Koreans take a unique approach to this trend because they don’t necessarily match pre-made sets. They match tops with bottoms that are very similar in material and color but have just enough distinction to give a nice contrast.




4. Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

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Even though boyfriend jeans can seem hard to pull off, it is the little touches that make all the difference. For example, cuffing the bottom of the jeans to show off your ankles adds a slimming, feminine touch. Try looking for a pair that is already frayed in order to give your outfit a more fun, flirty style.




5. White Shoes

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I know it seems strange to specify white shoes, but Korean women have been pairing white sneakers with everything and it totally works. By finishing an outfit with a form of white shoes, it gives the outfit a very quirky yet polished look, while still feeling youthful and bright.




6. A-line Skirts/ Dresses

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The A-line skirt or dress is a perfect summer outfit choice. Not only is the shape flattering to your waist, it also gives your legs an elongated appearance. Korean women often tuck high neck line blouses into these types of skirts to highlight the smallest part of their waist, and to give the illusion of longer legs.



With these tips and tricks, you can be looking fresh and fashionable all summer long!