UCLA Needs Asian American Subjects for an Alcohol Study Again

Were you among those thousands of prospective students whose dreams were smashed and applications rejected by the University of California, Los Angeles? Here’s your chance to attend the school, even if only for six days.

The UCLA Addictions Research Laboratory in the Department of Psychology is looking for Asian Americans who drink alcohol for a study involving a medication for alcohol use. Participants must be between 21 and 55 years old, and they will be asked to provide a DNA sample, complete questionnaires, take the aforementioned medication for 10 days, complete two fMRI scans and finish two alcohol administration sessions.

The study will require six visits to the UCLA campus, and participants can receive up to $488 (average of $20/hour) for their time.

To find more information and complete an initial screening for eligibility, take the survey here (SurveyMonkey). You can also call (310) 206-6756 and mention the “Asian American Alcohol Study” if you have further questions, or email the lab.


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