Upgrade Your Braided Look With This Come-Back Hair Trend


By now, we’ve pretty much seen all kinds of braids — fishtail, french, milk-maid, you name it. Recently though, Marie Claire China brought to our attention an adorable hairstyle that was popular a few years ago and is now back — braiding a thin scarf into your hair.

Just as there are many types of braids, there are, of course, many ways you can wear this look, as seen in Indian American fashion designer Rachel Roy’s fall/winter collection at New York Fashion Week last year, as well as the recent Honor show.

Honor Fall 2014
Honor Fall 2014


For a more casual look, you may want to try a more-toned style like this one, inspired by actress Bella Thorne.

Here is a step by step guide from the Chinese fashion site 17mr.org:








And once you’ve mastered the basics, you can attempt to braid the scarf into a fancy french braided bun, like this Weibo user below:


braided hair


Happy braiding!