[VIDEO] Lee Byung-hun and Diddy Star in ‘Rush Hour 4, Face Off 2’

What happens when you combine movies Rush Hour and Face Off to create the ultimate cult comedy sequel? Be FUNNY Studios decided to find out and released a parody trailer titled, “Rush Hour 4, Face Off 2,” starring South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

The project initially drew attention after it was advertised on a billboard on Los Angeles’ Hollywood Boulevard and introduced through a press release in South Korea last week. There was growing speculation that there would be another Rush Hour sequel, but Be FUNNY Studios revealed the truth today on their official website.

“The meeting between the two took place through the collaboration of Be FUNNY Studios and Funny or Die. Diddy and the American staff who showed interest were adamant that the Asian star for the project had to be Lee Byung-hun,” Be FUNNY Studios told Koreaboo.

Props to the video production site for some well-played trolling.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 5.46.32 PM(Photo via Diddy/Instagram)

In the fake trailer, Lee and Diddy portray detectives who trade their faces for no logical reason, causing Lee to appear as a black man and Diddy to look like an Asian man. This, of course, leads to some hilarious one-liners that toy with racial stereotypes.

In one scene, Lee, who is actually Diddy in disguise, almost runs over a pedestrian with a car. When the pedestrian accuses Lee of being a bad driver due to his ethnicity, Diddy, who is actually Lee (it’s confusing, we know), snaps, “He’s not Asian. He’s black!”

You can watch the skit below. Prepare to be mind-blown:

Shout-out to Brian Tee for playing the witty villain!


Featured image via Be FUNNY Studios

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