[VIDEO] Randall Park Talks About Odd Jobs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

On Feb. 11, Fresh Off the Boat star Randall Park made his first-ever late-night talk show appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During the interview, Park revealed some of the odd jobs he had  on his road to becoming a full-time actor, including being featured in a KY Jelly commercial and designing “escort ads.”

The Korean American actor surprised Kimmel when he admitted that he once worked as a graphic designer for the back section of a weekly newspaper classifieds, which mainly consisted of ads for escort services: “massage parlors, prostitution ads, basically.”

“Somebody designs those?” Kimmel asked in disbelief.

Park added that the saddest part of the bizarre job was when pimps would come to the office with a stack of Polaroids to use in the ads.

“But then I’d look at the photos and be like, ‘You really should use a stock photo.’ Because some of these photos would have their kids in the background,” Park said, causing the audience to groan in mortification.

He also talked about portraying Kim Jong-un in the comedy The Interview and the terrible hair cut he had to get for the part.  You can watch that conversation below:


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