Vivian Bang Opens Up: Pet Peeves, Emotional Eating And Childhood Memories

HERITAGE: Korean American
AGE: Between 25-45 (who knows with Asians!)
HOMETOWN: Seoul, South Korea; currently in Los Angeles.
CLAIM TO FAME: Bang plays Susan Sullivan on TBS’s Sullivan & Son, the sister to Korean Irish American Steve Byrne’s Steve Sullivan. “Susan is a competent but defensive type-A control freak who is very misunderstood by her family, especially by her mom,” says Bang. “She holds a one-sided competition with her brother, the golden child.”



My go-to karaoke song: “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxie & the Banshees. It’s ironic that I sing this.

Last time I cried: Just now as I’m working on the last day of Sullivan & Son for this season. I get so attached to the amazing, talented cast and crew. It takes a village to raise this baby, and now we have to say a brief goodbye.

What always makes me laugh: Harsh reality. I feel like life is always playing a big joke on us!

My go-to comfort food: Depending on sweet or savory: coffee ice cream or kimchi fried rice.

Last thing I ate: Just now, a Snickers bar to cope with saying goodbye. Ha! I’m an emotional eater; don’t judge me!

A guilty pleasure I don’t feel guilty about: I like to watch double features or sometimes three movies at the cinema on a nice sunny day.

Favorite drink: Currently, The Moscow Mule at Bar Stella.

Pet peeve: Road rage, or when people take themselves too seriously.

Habit I need to break: Sugar addiction and emotional eating.

Talent I’d like to have: Singing or any musical ability. I’m tone-deaf and lack rhythm.

Word or phrase I most overuse: Like. Ok. Oh my god. You know.

Most treasured possession: If there was a fire in my place I guess I’d grab my computer because it has all of my photos and music stored. Then some clothes? OMG.

Greatest fear: Being misunderstood … or maybe not being invited to the party? Which I face daily, ha.

Favorite childhood memory: Playing pretend war with neighborhood friends and hiding out in an abandoned yellow school bus that was parked in the bottom of the creek.

Motto: Get up and just do it. If you fall, just get up again.

What’s cool about being Asian: Family values, loyalty and much more respect for the elderly and their experiences. Also Korean is a rad language to speak. It has many words that cannot be captured in English translation. And the food? Forget it! One word: kimchi.

My job in another life: I’d have probably joined a circus and toured the world with a group of clowns. Oh wait, that is my occupation.


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