Wang Quan’an To Tackle Border Issues In ‘American Wall’

Acclaimed Chinese director Wang Quan’an is producing his first English-language film about Trump’s proposed border wall.

In 2006, Wang gained international attention when he won the Berlin International Film Festival’s Golden Bear with his third film, “Tuya’s Marriage,” which follows a young Mongolian girl forced to divorce her paralyzed husband in order to find a suitor who can support them both. Known for creating artful films focusing on social injustice and inequality in rural China, this will be Wang’s first venture into Western hot-button issues.

“American Wall” follows Harris, an Iraq war veteran turned truck driver hauling a piece of border wall across the beautiful, yet politically complex American Southwest. Harris seduces a woman with powerful political connections to ensure that he gets the job, but soon finds himself entangled in his own web of lies and manipulations.

Wang has already spent eight months prepping for the project and even went on a scouting expedition along the U.S.-Mexico border. Production is set to start this May and will be produced by Lupi Pictures. 
“Wang’s unparalleled cinematic representation of social discourses over the last 20 years is bound to make for a frighteningly relevant and unmissable picture,” Lupi Pictures said in a press release.