WATCH: Chloe Kim’s Athlete of the Year Speech at the 16th Unforgettable Gala

Read the full transcript of Kim’s speech below:

Hi guys, Chloe Kim here. I am so bummed that I wasn’t able to join you guys, but I am currently in Colorado for the Olympics. I definitely have a lot going on. But I want to take this moment and thank Kore Asian Media for honoring me as their Athlete of the Year.

It is so crazy to think about, and it’s incredible. I know there are so many talented people in that room who are making the world a better place, so I just want to thank you guys for what you guys do.

I encourage you guys to keep having fun and loving what you do. I think that’s been a huge part of my career, so definitely keep having fun. Hopefully, I’ll be able to join you guys in the future.

I hope you guys have an Unforgettable night.