Watch Our New Series, ‘Eating Good,’ For Food Snapshots That Span Asia

It’s surprising how biting into a summer roll can transport you to a humid afternoon in Vietnam, or how dipping your spoon into a tall glass of halo-halo can have you zipping through Manila (preferably on a scooter). Food effortlessly codifies the culture that it comes from. And through the gratifying experience of eating, we understand cultures outside of our own. In our new video series “Eating Good,” we take a deep dive into foods from around Asia that are steeped in history and legacy, connecting us to our past while inspiring our future at the same time. 

Starting in the month of October, “Eating Good” is tackling Filipino cuisine. This week, join our host, Filipino celebrity chef Ralph Degala, as he introduces the flavors and forms of Pinoy cooking to special guest Megan Lee at Ord & Broadway. Chef Degala knows good food, and leaves no stone unturned in discovering the best of the Philippines in the heart of Los Angeles. Whether you’re a gourmet aficionado, amateur home cook or just looking for your next foodie fix, “Eating Good” has got your back. 

Watch the first episode of “Eating Good” here, then tune in next week to see Chef Degala introduce Vivian Bang and Jake Choi to Filipino street food at Dollar Hits.