We Say Goodbye to ‘The Mindy Project’

Six years and 117 episodes is a long time, and a whole lot of TV. During that time, we’ve watched the feisty, at-times inappropriate, always lovable Mindy Lahiri grow into herself as a person, as a OBGYN and as a mother. And on Monday night, we had to say goodbye.

“The Mindy Project,” which began in 2012 on FOX and ended its run on Hulu after six seasons, was created by Mindy Kaling, who also starred as the series’ protagonist.

Kaling reflected on the show on her personal Twitter on Monday night: “I created a show and … got to play the lead. Not the sassy friend or nagging wife. It completely changed my life. 117 episodes later, it’s ending, on my terms. That’s so rare, and I just want to say how grateful I am.”

This may be the end for Mindy Lahiri, but Kaling’s another story. She’s already got three comedy projects underway at NBC, with one, “Champions,” ordered to series earlier this year.

Universal Television, with 3 Arts Entertainment and Kaling International, will produce the other two — a workplace rom-com called “Venice Beach Venture,” and an untitled series from Lang Fisher, the co-executive producer of “The Mindy Project.”