Wedding Album

The groom and his men jumped for joy (in fancy custom-designed white Puma sneakers, no less!) From left to right: John Lee (C.S.’s brother), Ryan McVay (best man), C.S., Eric Scott Gould and Doug Hong. Photo by Studio Q.

By Janice Jann

They met at a poker game hosted by mutual friends. Lara Cho, an art student, made the first move by sending C.S. Lee a “friend request” on Facebook. Two years later, on August 22, they wed. Halfway down the aisle, at the Wilshire United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, Lara, 29, nervously looked up and saw her groom waiting. “I couldn’t stop smiling,” she says.

After, at the hotel reception in Marina del Rey, guests were treated to a hilarious video re-enactment of the newlywed’s first meeting and a four-tiered marble fudge and red velvet cake. But the ultimate surprise of the evening rolled by around 11:30 p.m. in the form of the Calbi Truck, which served beef tacos and kimchi quesadillas—a total hit.

From the striking centerpieces adorning each table, to the floral shadows that were playfully splashed on the walls, the artsy duo hosted a creative fête. That night, the attraction between the two was undeniable. “He fulfilled a lot of my heart’s desires,” says Lara. “I like her art,” says C.S., 38, of his wife. “She’s super cute, too.”

It was a long walk down the aisle for Lara, whose exact thoughts were: “Don’t trip.” Photo by Studio Q.

The colors were bold and edgy. “We wanted our ceremony to be light, airy, captivating and sentimental,” says Lara. Photo by Studio Q.


Pot-CSLee-1009-4“He prayed for me,” says Lara of her father, Pastor John Cho. “He probably told C.S., and will always tell him, ‘love my daughter more than I love her.’” Photo by Studio Q.

Pot-CSLee-1009-5During a traditional Korean paebaek ceremony, the parents throw dates and walnuts and however many the bride catches indicates how many children she will bear. “I actually didn’t know what was going on,” admits C.S. “Lara and I caught all of them. Little did I know they represented kids.” Photo by Karen Kuehn.

Pot-CSLee-1009-7Dexter stars (and also newlyweds!) Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. Photo by Karen Kuehn.

Pot-CSLee-1009-6The roof of the Marriott, Marina del Rey. More than 200 guests arrived, including Sung Kang (The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift), Rex Lee (Entourage), and the rowdy young actors Justin Chong, Leonardo Nam and Aaron Yoo. Photo by Karen Kuehn.

csleeThe happy couple. Photo by Karen Kuehn.