Wednesday's Link Attack: Dia Frampton, Hines Ward, Sandra Park

The Voice’s Dia Frampton on Her Shy On-Screen Persona and Quirky Covers of Kanye and REM
TV Line

Check out this Q&A with TV Line.

Dia Frampton says she’s not as painfully shy as she came across during her runner-up stint on The Voice, but a variety of factors conspired to make her feel “closed in” during the on-air portions of NBC’s hit singing competition. In a freewheeling TVLine interview, Frampton explains what led to her retiring on-screen ways, sheds some light on her previous major-label experience, and delves into her quirky covers of “Heartless” and “Losing My Religion.”

Hines Ward has right tools for Craftsman
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

His athlete-to-Astaire transformation not only surprised his family (“They were shocked,” he said) but also piqued the interest of Craftsman, which approached Mr. Ward shortly after he took home the Mirror Ball trophy to promote its new interactive online series “SCREW• D: Where Survival Comes Down to the Right Tools.”

Review of Sandra Park’s ‘If You Live in a Small House’

Sandra Park dissects the idea of space in her novella If You Live in a Small House: the space of the individual, of the family, of the community, and of the nation. Following the lives of a multi-generational Korean American family, she captures the nuanced tensions between characters forced to live together in a too-small house, each one wishing for something more.

Winter Olympics 2018: Your South Korean hockey F.A.Q.
Yahoo! Sports

South Korea’s men’s national ice hockey team will make its Olympic debut in 2018. Unless it qualifies for the 2014 Games in Sochi, of course. Seeing that they’re currently ranked No. 31 in the world … well, we’ll see you in 2018, sirs.

Obviously, this is exciting news for the growth of hockey in Asian markets and internationally. It’s also news that hockey’s superpowers have a new enemy to worry about in seven years.

Q. How many people play ice hockey in South Korea?
According to the IIHF’s Global Survey of Players and Rinks, Korea had 1,607 licensed ice hockey players (124 female) in 2009-2010. As Ted Starkey of the Washington Times notes, this is “slightly less than the number of hockey players in Kentucky.”

Get a room: No more groping in Seoul’s taxis

Video-recording “black boxes,” originally meant to be installed on the exteriors of vehicles to record accidents and determine culpability, are now being installed in the interiors of taxis in Korea.

Made in Korea
JoongAng Daily

Baby Korean wolves are shown at the Daejeon O-World Zoo in Daejeon yesterday. A total of eight baby wolves, which the zoo showed to the public for the first time yesterday, were born of seven Korean wolves (three females and four males), which were captured in Russia in 2008. Korean wolves had disappeared from the Korean Peninsula in the 1980s, but some were known to take shelter in Russia and China.