Who Called Model Chrissy Teigen Fat, Jeans Designed By Lions, And Other Must Reads of the Week

Our must-reads of the week.

1) Thai American model Chrissy Teigen says Forever 21 once fired her for being “too fat.” (READ HERE



2) Chinese shoppers spend their naptime in IKEA, create hilarious pictures. (READ HERE)  



3) Traditional Korean-style study rooms reinvented in America. (READ HERE



racist necklace

4) Oh look, a hideously racist necklace. (READ HERE



5) Activist Malala Yousafzai’s 10 greatest contributions to to humanity. (READ HERE




6) Will the British historical drama Downtown Abbey add an Indian character? (READ HERE




mixed blood
7) MIXED BLOOD: Take a closer look at the “typical American family” with this photo series. (READ HERE



8) Meet Yang Lan, the “Oprah of China.” (READ HERE)



9) This is what happens when a Japanese zoo recruits its animals to create a collection of jeans. (READ HERE



nail salon
10) #NailedIt : Documentary following the history of Vietnamese-owned nail salons. (READ HERE