Will Jay Just Dropped New Track, ‘Married To The Music’

Chinese American musician Will Jay is back with a bang.

The music video for Jay’s new song, “Married to the Music,” starts out with soft blue lighting in a dark, intimate bedroom setting that focuses on Jay’s concerned facial expression. It then slowly charms the listener with its rhythmic beats and elegant choreography, performed by Jay and the person playing his romantic partner in the video. The new track, which dropped April 21,  explores the internal conflict a musician faces when he struggles to maintain a relationship with a loved one and his passion for music at the same time.   

Jay is a rising pop artist whose uptempo music typically follows the themes of young adulthood and humor. His songs “Gangsta” and “Never Been In Love” are prime examples of his commentary on societal expectations. He’s a former member of boyband IM5 and was a contestant on “The Voice of China,” where his ukulele performance of “Lemon Tree” had all the judges turning their chairs. As an artist, Jay is on a mission to “redefine what it means to be a man in this crazy world.” 

You can watch his new music video here.