Wong Fu Productions: The Video That Started It All

Here’s a good throwback for you. Remember that time before social media had its boom in the 2000’s? Sure, there was MySpace and it was great for musicians, but video makers didn’t quite have a space yet. With very limited free bandwidth and slow downloads, streaming creative videos online seemed almost impossible… until YouTube was born.

One of the videos that was all the buzz during YouTube’s early days was Wong Fu Productions’ “Yellow Fever.” The short is a lighthearted comedy framed in anime-esque cinematography as the story follows Phil in his quest to understand Asian women’s attraction to white men. Even now, the short brings a good laugh.


It’s almost been a decade since the short’s release (look how young Phil looks!). Re-watching “Yellow Fever” gave me a good case of nostalgia. I remember the very first thing I did after watching this for the first time was share the link on my best friend’s MySpace page.

Years following and a declining MySpace later, Wong Fu has grown immensely. Not just in the video quality but also as a team. Expanding beyond their regular short films, the team successfully produced their first feature-length movie Everything Before Us, which you can now purchase here!


Featured image courtesy of festival.sdaff.org.