You Couldn’t Mess With Constance Wu Even If You Wanted To

Mom… is that … you?

“Hustlers”’s first trailer dropped two days ago and Constance Wu (“Fresh Off the Boat”) is taking center stage as Destiny, a young stripper participating in a scam with other exotic dancers looking to finesse some Wall Street types out of some cash. The movie has been described as a “Robin Hood story”—the girls steal from rich, powerful men but instead of helping the poor, they, uh, give those fat stacks right back to themselves. The movie has been making waves with its risqué plotline and a star-studded cast list that’s adorned with names like Madeline Brewer (“The Handmaid’s Tale”), Keke Palmer (“Pimp”), Julia Stiles (“10 Things I Hate About You”), JLo and modern-day diva, Cardi B. “Hustlers” will be making it rain at the box office on Sept. 13.

Wu whipped netizens into a frenzy in May with tweets that seemed to criticize the fact that “Fresh Off the Boat” was renewed for yet another season. Upon seeing the trailer for “Hustlers,” maybe Wu has simply moved onto greener, monied pastures.