YouTube Artist Andrew Huang Creates Unbelievable Music With Random Objects


When you think of popular instruments, you probably think of the guitar, the piano or maybe even the violin. I’m going to go ahead and guess that you don’t think of rocks, balloons and scissors. Well, YouTube artist Andrew Huang is here to change your mind about that.

Huang’s YouTube channel has over 160,000 subscribers, and for good reason! His channel’s description says he makes “music in every genre” and he certainly isn’t kidding about that.

On his channel, you can find everything from hip hop and r&b to rock. Most interesting of all, there appears to be an unusual genre in which he takes random objects and creates incredible music with it. In one video, he creates music entirely out of the sound of water. He pours the water, splashes it around, and even uses the sound of water drops to create his impressive song.


In another video, the beat is made exclusively using sounds from rocks, papers and scissors. The beat is so intricate that many people didn’t believe the melodic sounds could come from such random objects. Huang had to create a follow up video just to show that he was actually capable of creating the sounds.

Recently, Huang released a cover of the popular song 99 Red Balloons. Of course he decided to create the music using (you guessed it) red balloons. The video was only uploaded to YouTube yesterday, but it has already gathered over 200,000 views.

Check out his unbelievable music here: