YouTubers Bring Fantasy Food to Life in ‘Feast of Fiction’

Have you ever craved a treat from a popular book or movie — like Harry Potter’s butterbeer or the infamous Krabby Patty from “Spongebob Squarepants” — and wondered what it would taste like in real life?

That’s where creative chefs Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams come into the picture.

The duo has been whipping up fantasy-inspired eats in the kitchen since 2011 on their YouTube Series titled “Feast Of Fiction.” Since then, they’ve brought everything, from “The Hunger Games” lamb stew, dragon dumplings from “Kung Fu Panda,” cookie cat from “Steven Universe” and Princess Leia’s cinnamon buns, to life.

Although the two don’t expect their viewers to cook these recipes at home, it’s fun to see how these foods are made.

What do you think Jimmy and Ashley should whip up next?

Watch the duo make a Minecraft Cake below: