4 Hilarious Jokes from Aziz Ansari’s SNL Monologue

In case you missed it, Aziz Ansari hosted “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend and he had all of us laughing out loud right from the start with his opening monologue. Here are some of the jokes that set the mood for a hilarious night:

1. Women’s March on Washington



2. Donald Trump is Chris Brown


“If you think about it, Donald Trump is the Chris Brown of politics, and ‘Make America Great Again’ is his ‘These Hoes Ain’t Loyal.'”

3. Lower Case “kkk”


“Whoa, whoa, whoa! No! No! If you’re one of these people, PLEASE go back to pretending … there’s like this new ‘lower case kkk’ movement that’s started.”

4. Beyonce Ain’t Moving


“Is that the plan by the way? We’re all going to move? All the minorities? Forty-something percent of the country? … My parents moved from India to South Carolina in the early ‘80s. They didn’t move until nine years ago. You know where they moved? North Carolina! They love it here, they’re not leaving.”


Watch Aziz’s full SNL monologue here: