5 Medical K-dramas You Need To Watch

“Good Doctor” is being remade into an American series by Daniel Dae Kim. Us K-drama fans know there’s tons more great shows featuring hot men in scrubs — here’s five medical dramas for people who aren’t afraid of a little blood!


1. Romantic Doctor Kim

The “Korean ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’” as many like to call this drama.


2. Doctor Crush

A doctor who’s both badass and pretty? Count us in.


3. Doctor Stranger

This epic entrance into the operating room by Lee Jong-seok made him 10 times cooler (and hotter).


4. Emergency Couple

This rom-com has pretty intense moments — in one, a surgery is performed inside an elevator.


5. Descendants of the Sun

Romantic scenes aside, this drama had a lot of epic medical scenes.


Tell us your favorite medical K-dramas in the comments below!