6 Los Angeles Night Markets Coming This Summer That We Can’t Wait For

Summer is coming… and that means night markets! Featuring food, live entertainment and shopping, night markets are like street fairs on steroids in the dark. Originally from Asia, these late-night festivals crossed the Pacific with immigrants and are summertime favorites in Los Angeles. Here are five of our favorites:

1.L.A. Food Bowl – May 8-12 | Grand Park


The L.A. Food Bowl Night Market might be the most Angeleno thing ever. Curated by the “Los Angeles Times” and located in the heart of the city, the event is host to a grand assortment of top SoCal eats. The event is free, just pay for parking! It’s L.A. after all.

2. 626 Night Market – July-September | Santa Anita Park


$5 gets you into the spiritual food coma experience known as the 626 Night Market. Treat your inner foodie to some of the most delightful, colorful snacks in Los Angeles. Once you’ve stuffed yourself with enough giant squid and unicorn elote, you can finish off the night by watching 626’s lineup of local artists. Last year, Rich Brian even appeared.

3. OC Night Market – May-August | OC Fair Ground


The stinky tofu paradise known as the OC Night Market is the largest Asian night market in the US. The event is run by the same organizers as 626 Night Market and features many of the same vendors. Like its sister festival, OC Night Market is only $5 for entry.

4. KTOWN Night Market – June 14-15 | Robert F. Kennedy Community School


Name a more iconic duo than Koreatown and delicious food. The KTOWN Night Market is a two-night hoopla that celebrates the legendary Los Angeles community’s deep culinary history. If you’re interested, get your tickets ASAP. Both days are only $5 during presale.

5. Chinatown Summer Nights – June 8, July 13, August 10 | Chinatown Central & West Plazas


Basked in the warm glow of red lanterns, Chinatown Summer Nights is the perfect idyllic getaway for a hot summer night. Hosted by public radio station KCRW, the event is totally free and features food, live entertainment and lots and lots of pretty lights.

6. Hollywood Night Market – Every Thursday starting May 2 | Yamashiro Restaurant


This one’s for the hipsters. Featuring craft beer, CBD dog treats and handmade jewelry, the Hollywood Night Market is a small bazaar nestled in the hills. Remember, you heard about it from us first.