7 Korean Musical Acts You’ll See at the Pyeongchang Olympics Opening Ceremony

Music plays a huge part in the Olympics opening ceremony of any host country. South Korea will be bringing its A-game this year for the Pyeongchang games with these seven performers — don’t forget to tune in to watch on Friday!


Ahn Ji Young (Bolbbalgan4)

Ahn is one-half of the “Digital Monster Artist” Bolbbalgan4, providing the vocals to her partner Ji-yoon’s guitar and bass. Known for producing honest, folksy music, Ahn is sure to bring some youthful charm to the opening ceremony.


Jeon In-kwon (Deulgukhwa)

Jeon In-kwon is the lead singer of the legendary Korean rock band Deulgukhwa, which since the 1980s has churned out a number of award-winning hits.



Veteran singer and star Insooni is hailed as South Korea’s R&B diva and is one of the few Korean singers to have performed at Carnegie Hall. Tomorrow, she’ll be performing for the world.


Ha Hyun Woo (Guckkasten)

The bespectacled frontman for Korean rock band Guckkasten will also be taking the stage. (You may recognize him from his famous turn on the singing variety show “King of Masked Singer.”) Listen to one of the band’s newest tracks above.



Hyolyn spent years as one of the main vocalists of the now-defunct girl group Sistar before going solo. Her performance will infuse the ceremony with a bit of K-pop flair.


Sumi Jo

The inimitable Sumo Jo is a Grammy Award-winning South Korean soprano who is best known for her renditions of the bel canto repertoire. Her soaring voice is sure to put tears in the eyes of anyone watching the opening ceremony this year.


Ryu Jung-phil

Ryu is another opera singer and vocal tenor who will be joining Sumi Jo on stage. Check out his rendition of “Volare” at the KBS Music Hall in 2012 and brace yourself for chills.