90's KPOP Party in Los Angeles Next Weeekend

 /></a></p> <p>Kids these days. They don't know nuthin' about what REAL KPOP is. What do they know about <a href=Kids these days. They don’t know nuthin’ about what REAL KPOP is. What do they know about Seotaiji, DJ DOC, Solid (with hot, 8ball cane man!), or Sechskies (I still have no idea why they pronouced that as JEKKI)? What about the original members of the SM and YG troops, like Jinusean, S.E.S. and H.O.T.? You know you bought them furry gloves/hats, too (holla, Fancy Box in Cerritos!).

If you know at least a little bit of what I’m talking about, you need to show up to this 90’s KPOP Party in Downtown LA next Friday, October 22, 2010. If you don’t know what the heck is coming out of my mouth, come by and you’ll experience KPOP before it was this. Dress code: JNCO pants and monogram belts for the boys, bell bottoms and thin eyebrows for the girls. Just kidding…

See you there,
Mrs. Tony An

90’s Kpop Party
Friday, October 22, 2010

KGB Studios
1640 N. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA

$10 Pre-Sale Tickets (www.kpopfest.com)
$20 At the Door