K-Town Sizzle Reel

We haven’t posted about the K-Town reality show in a little while, mainly because the show seems to be laying low since the producers announced they were courting offers…but […]

HalfKorean.com meetup in LA this weekend

Halfkorean.com is having its annual meet up in Los Angeles this weekend. Everyone is welcome to come and socialize, network, eat and engage in discussions about being Korean. Sounds […]

Just confirmed

Grace Park will be receiving the Achievement Award in Entertainment at this year’s Unforgettable gala. Oh yeah.

David Choe Show Closing Reception

David Choe’s Nothing to Declare show in Beverly Hills came down on Sunday, May 22, 2010. There was a closing reception where the artist himself came out to sign […]

K-Town Reality Show: The Producers

On Saturday, we went to casting call for the much-anticipated K-Town Reality Show. Contributor Christina Lee had a chance to sit down with the executive producers. In this interview, […]

SFIAAFF Ticket Giveaway!

A synopsis of the film from the SFIAAFF website: In the world of film director Ku Gyun-nam, the “hero” of Hong Sang-soo’s latest dissection of the modern-day man-boy, misery […]

The Alphabet for KAs

If you’re able to read what I’m writing here (in English) and a little bit of Korean, you’re automatically proficient in a new language! Called Suggu, it’s a project […]

Korean Vogue

Check out these photographs from Korean Vogue by Kim Kyung Soon. The hanboks look so lovely. Discovered on blog of KA artist Jeana Sohn.

David Choe's Haitian Girl

Check out this amazing new work from David Choe. Funding all of the print costs himself, the artist has requested that the proceeds made go towards the Haitian Relief […]

The Boobs Song

Thanks to the Mighty Fifty releasing another great Priscilla Ahn video from the live show we hosted last month. It’s such a treat to come back to it and […]