Americans Overreacting to Asian Food

Recently, Buzzfeed released a video called “Asians Taste Exotic Asian Food.” It’s pretty easy to guess what happens in the video, but we ended up rolling our eyes while watching it anyway.

As expected, the Asian food chosen were some of the most intimidating options imaginable. They clearly had the goal of scaring the unsuspecting food-tasters. In fact, almost all of the dishes in this video were part of our list of “Top 10 “Scary” Asian Dishes We Love.” Admittedly, we’d be pretty hesitant to try some of these too. We definitely don’t blame anyone for reacting with shock when they realize their food can still move.

No, shock was not the reason we ended up rolling our eyes.


We understand hesitance and even dislike for unfamiliar food, but based on the reactions from this video, you would think Asian food is the most horrible thing imaginable. It’s an understatement to say that the food-tasters showed disliked for the Asian food. They gagged, spit it out and called it “rotten” and “gross.”

A few of the tasters were able to show some courtesy. They ate the food no matter how intimidating it looked and even admitted when it tasted better than expected. After all, these dishes are delicacies in many Asian cultures.

The rest of the tasters? Watch the video and see their reactions for yourself.