Anti-Pervert Stockings: Analyzing Rape Culture

Little black dress? Check. Fake lashes and an unforgiving amount of eyeliner? Check. Heels so high that you’ll regret it in the morning. Check. Hairy-leg stockings to protect yourself from unsolicited male attention? Che– wait what?

Unfortunately, I’m not kidding. The most recent fashion creation from China are hairy-leg stockings designed to ward off men and decrease the possibility of rape. The theory behind this creation is that the male will be so disgusted with the appearance of your legs that you don’t have to worry– they wouldn’t want to have a sexual encounter with you anyway. Problem solved right?

No, absolutely not.

After showing  this image to a couple of male friends, I discovered that their reactions were all very similar– grossed out expressions followed by laughter because apparently China was correct in their theory that these actually do turn guys off. Admittedly, I was taken aback when I first saw these stockings, but for a much different reason than my  male friends. I wasn’t appalled about the idea of hair on female legs (if thats what you want, then power to you for you breaking away from social norms.) Instead, I was shocked by what this was saying about rape itself. While these stockings are trying to benefit females, does it not also simply aid in the idea that rape is dependent on how you dress and how you look? This simply supports the idea that women should not dress in what makes them feel good or feel powerful. No, apparently women need to be mindful or “they’re asking for it.” Products like this say that, for some reason, it’s our  responsibility to make sure we don’t get raped.

We live in a world of pepper sprays, constant fear while walking alone at night, and now hairy-leg stockings. We are forced to take such extreme precautions to avoid being raped, but how about we just go ahead and create a pair of stockings that sticks some decency into people to know that rape is wrong.

Let us know what you think of these anti-pervert hairy-leg stockings. Our verdict? Unless it was halloween season, we’re definitely going to avoid them.