Asian Kid Photobombs Australian Prime Mininster

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Remember that one time you photobombed your friend’s romantic picture by being a third wheel? Or that one time you decided to ruin the cute picture by putting in a duckface? Or that one time an awkward animal decided to stroll in, look directly into the camera, and photobomb your picture?

Well none of it beats 5-year-old Joseph Kim. Although he’s young, his photobombing skills clearly surpass his age. Who did he decide to photobomb? The Australian Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was visiting the Ryde Uniting Church to discuss his government multicultural policies by announcing that his government would make the Korean language one of the top-five priorities for teaching in Australian schools.

Prime Minister Rudd sat down with the children and began taking photos with them. Getting along with children? Great for the campaign right? Wrong.

Young Joseph Kim decided that he would not allow himself to merely be a stage prop in the pictures. In fact, Kim decided to steal the show. Showing an incredible amount of energy, Kim quickly got all eyes and attention on him.

Prime Minister Rudd certainly didn’t expect to be upstaged when he walked into the church, but I guess you never know when you’ll meet your match.