Breaking the Traditional White Wedding Gown

Featured Image from BuzzFeed Motion Pictures

Story by Natalie Do

Everyone knows the wedding tradition of wearing the typical white gown.  Despite the endless options and possibilities available when it comes to choice and design in a wedding dress, many people continue to prefer the traditional white bridal gown.  Throughout Asia though, many brides opt out of the traditional white wedding gown and wear cultural bridal gowns instead.  These garments include gowns with beautiful and intricate designs that involve many colors and designs.  Bridal gowns do not only have to be inspired by one’s own personal taste, but can also be influenced by one’s culture.

Recently, Buzzfeed released a video, sharing a little bit of the Asian culture to its viewers and we’re in love.  Buzzfeed presented a gorgeous fashion show that features modern and traditional Asian wedding dresses that prove wearing white isn’t always the way to go.

In the Buzzfeed video below, traditional bridal gowns from countries that include Vietnam, Afghanistan, Korea, India, and many more are showcased and will “..dramatically change the way you think brides should dress.”

Take a look at some the the looks below:


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