Celebrate Filipino American History Month With These 10 Tracks

Happy Filipino American History Month!

Help us kick the month off right with some new tunes brought to you by Filipino music artists. Lovers of R&B and pop music are in for a mega sonic treat here. Featuring artists both big and small, rhythms that range from chill to upbeat, we’ve got some catchy tunes this month that will get you groovin’ or have you in your feels.

Read on to learn about the 10 new tracks you’ll be adding to your playlists this month and beyond.

1.“CYBERKISS 2 U*” – BLACKSTARKIDS ft. beabadoobee

Remember “Coffee,” the viral acoustic single released in 2017? It’s astounding how far beabadoobee has come since then. Now among the world’s most successful young indie artists, the Filipina-British singer-songwriter has evolved dramatically from her bedroom-pop origins to become a queen of indie/space rock. Bea’s signature, soft vocals featured in this nostalgic collab with band BLACKSTARKIDS will take you back to childhood memories of your favorite early aughts video games.

2. “All She Wanna Do” – John Legend ft. Saweetie

Filipino-Chinese and Black rapper Saweetie collabs with R&B icon, John Legend, in this catchy romantic pop song that makes you just want to get up and dance! Saweetie’s verse showcases her big attitude and fun vocal stylings, with lyrics about manicures and making the most of a pair of Jimmy Choos.

3. “Selfish” – RINI ft. BEAM  

If you’ve ever found yourself crawling back to a toxic relationship, RINI, as Pitbull once said, has been there, done that. The Filipino-Australian R&B artist is known for keeping it slow and sensual while singing about love and relationships—exactly what you’ll find here with his latest single. “Selfish” chronicles an ill-starred romance with a girl who constantly prioritizes her own needs and wants over all else, set to a melody laden with perfectly utilized autotune that enhances the song’s sultry qualities.

4. “Disco Cosmos” – JORDANN ft. Tim Atlas 

If you’re a fan of dreamy bedroom pop and neo-soul, this is the song for you. Based in Los Angeles, Tim Atlas is known for delivering tracks that everyone can chill and relax to. The track features airy synths with soft, hazy vocals and groovy instrumentals. Interestingly enough, the laidback production of the song contrasts with its topic of struggling with anxiety: “All my thoughts are flooded / I’m restless and I don’t see the end / I can’t say what I really mean / Kinda gets under my skin / But I won’t stand for what I’ve seen / That’s just what I’ll do.”

5. “Long Time No See” – Yeek

Featuring smooth vocals paired with groovy beats, Yeek is a Fil-Am music artist to keep on your radar. A performer at this year’s 88rising Coachella set, Yeek pushes traditional boundaries of pop music through a genre-less approach while weaving in inspirations from indie rock, hip-hop and R&B. The bass really shines through in “Long Time No See,” making this one a total banger, while the keyboard in the background of the track keeps things sonically fresh and sustains the momentum of the song.

6. “Make a Move” – Jeff Bernat ft. P-Lo 

Fellas who are crushing hard right now, how you feelin’? A gentle song that will remind you of quiet moments with loved ones and evening bonfires on the beach, this is the perfect tune for those waiting on the right time to make a move. “You just gotta tell me what to do,” sings Bernat. Rising Filipino rap artist P-Lo has several verses featured on the track. Just last month, the Bay Area native dropped a new album, “STUNNA,” featuring other rappers such as E-40, Larry June, Too $hort, Michael Sneed, Kamaiyah, LaRussell and 22nd Jim.

7. “I Know Him So Well” – AJ Rafael ft. Chance Calloway

Grab your tissues, y’all. A could’ve, should’ve, would’ve been tribute to the one that got away, this heartbreaking song could definitely work on a Disney soundtrack. YouTuber and singer-songwriter AJ Rafael croons, “Looking back / I could have played it differently / won a few more moments / who can tell? But in the end, he needs / a little bit more than me.”

8. “Weekend” – Ashley Mehta 

In this upbeat, electro-pop song, Filipina-Indian music artist Ashley Mehta delivers a catchy tune filled with yearning for simpler times. “Take it back to when we said, just friends,” Mehta sings. The verse then builds into a poppy, energetic chorus ushered forward by electronic trap-drums and instrumentals.

9. “Baddie” – Jessica Sanchez 

Jessica Sanchez brings her own anthem of female empowerment and self-love in a seductive blend of R&B and pop. The Filipina-Mexican R&B artist first rose to prominence as a runner-up on the 11th season of “American Idol” and is known for doing popular song covers. A Sanchez original, “Baddie” serves as a tribute to female power and knowing your worth. In a recent press conference with Stage Sessions, the singer explained, “That’s what this song is all about: claiming who you are, your self-worth, and self love. I know what I want, I know who I am, I know what I’m worth, I am capable, I am a baddie.”

10. “Casual” – Jasmine V 

For all those familiar with being in a painful situationship, we’ve got a song for you. R&B vocalist Jasmine Villegas sings of an initially casual fling that now hangs in a confusing, fragile balance, described as “magical, tangible, yet so flammable.” Fans of R&B will love her dreamy vocals, paired with sonically sleek synth instrumentals.