Character Concerts: Why Jules Aurora Never Gave Up on Her Dreams

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Throughout Jules Aurora’s years in the music biz, she’s learned to find “The Silver Lining” wherever she looks.

“I really know what it means to fall seven times and stand up eight,” the Filipina singer-songwriter said in our latest “Character Concerts” episode. “The downs make the high points even sweeter.”

Aurora recently stopped by the Character Media studio to share her story of fighting to make it as a “starving artist,” as well as intimate performances of hit songs like “Back to Us” and “Letting You Go.” Raised in San Diego, California, Aurora moved to Los Angeles after college and juggled a 9 to 5 job while pursuing music on the side, until she gained traction on Instagram as a cover artist. From there, she started collaborating with other renowned online artists like Timothy DeLaGhetto, eventually performing to thousands at Los Angeles’ Rose Bowl and Staples Center.

But it hasn’t always been roses for Aurora. As she worked to find her footing in such a cutthroat industry, she struggled through both career setbacks and profound personal losses alike. Where others might have faltered or given up, however, Aurora never quit working toward her dreams. “I’m grateful that I had music as an outlet to help me out of those tough times,” she said. “I just want my music to touch people and hopefully help them realize that they’re not alone, and realize that there are other people that have also gone through these experiences.”

Especially amid the isolation and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, Aurora offers a message of resilience and hope for those who might find themselves struggling. “Even through the tough times, when you feel like there isn’t light on the other side, just always know that it will pass and that you can always come back stronger,” she said. “You can overcome anything.”

Watch Aurora’s full performance and interview above, and make sure to visit her GoFundMe page to help support her work!